About Us

Index Systems Mumbai office

Index System is an entrepreneurship who believes in perseverance and a foresighted vision. We as a family are passionate to excel & grow and serve our best to the customers. We are intrepid enough to define our place in the world. We dare to dream and encompass the globe in our field of vision. We are driven by contemporary ideas & revolutionary technologies which inspires us to nurture our excellency.

The company has an environment that fosters talent and an ambitious attitude towards attaining the targets. With a comprehensive domain expertise, high end support and modern innovative components , we are niche players in the field of Elevator, Escalator, Travellator & Parking Solution.

'Index System' has established progressive joint ventures with leading manufacturers from national & international spheres, including Spain, Italy, China, Turkey & others. We have a very keen interest to work with the finest companies who are first class in their respective fields.

Currently we are based in the commercial capital of India-Mumbai, but have geared up & tightened our seat-belts to spread our wings to other mutual strategic market locations.

Our Company's driving motto is “Customer's Total Satisfaction” which has always earned us rich dividends. We adopt world –class innovations before they are apparent in the market. We have established in-house testing systems to test all key components for extreme performance and durability. Therefore, customers are assured of the safest products available.

Today, Index System is totally committed to offer outstanding services to its clients and stand out as a competitive player in the Industry.
We put forward convenient 'One Roof System' & extend all possible help and immediate solutions. The ultimate satisfaction of our clients endorses our commitment.

Index Systems office interiors