Diagram of Traction Elevator System

The development of the electronic driving of its motors (VVVF) togetherwith the demand for long travels, brought the classic traction lift again into the market. Following a policy of qualitative choices, a complete range of traction lift packages is offered, satisfying all kind of applications.

Traction Elevator Gear System
Diagram of MRL Elevator System

The MRL Traction Lift eliminates the disadvantage of the classic traction lift, which is the need of a machine room. The MRL traction machine is located inside the shaft whilst the controller is fitted in a stainless steel cabinet adjusted to the top floor landing door post.
Two different configuration are offered:

  1. The BASIC 2 MRL, a low-cost choice with direct suspension and two speed or VVVF geared motor
  2. The ECO 2i MRL, a high-end choicewith indirect 2:1 suspension and VVVF controlled gear-less motor.
MRL Elevator Gear system
Diagram of Hydraulic Elevator System

Home Lift is the ideal solution for residences and low height buildings, especially in cases where there is no shaft either internally or externally.

It is available in two types the Hydro Status and the New Era combining luxury with Galaxy or panoramic cabin and low energy consumption with the use of VVVF drive of the pump motor.

Inner view of Hydraulic Elevator