Marazzi Make

Elevator Guide rails

Marazzi is a world well recognised Company with a production history close to 50 years in elevator guiderails and accessories. Solid guiderail referred to as the machining guide is formed by the rail
profiles by machining the guide surface and the connecting portion and its purpose is to provide a guide in the operation of the elevator car run. Always in set oft he small size of the solid counterweight guide (T45A-5mm) and paired with any other guiderail above 9mm. (T70/B-9mm, T78/B(10mm) and T89-1/B(16mm) is also. We at Index make ready stock available of Standard Guiderails of (T45A-5mm), (T70/B-9mm) and (T89-1/B 16mm) and also supply as per the customised need of client at the shortest lead time.