Kleemann, Greece Make

Hydraulic Kits

KLEEMANN Greece, is one of the most popular lift companies in the European and global market, manufacturing world class Hydraulic Components. KLEEMANN is the ideal choice for reliable, responsive, low-maintenance Hydraulic components. The KLEEMANN product range has been distinguished by its reliability, safety and quality for decades. We at Index are appointed as exclusive distributor partner PAN India and have ready stock of Kleemann Hydraulic components with 2 years Warranty like POWER UNIT, HOSE PIPE, PISTON, VALVE for G+1, G+2 and G+3 Models for 4 Pass, 6 PASS AND 8 Pass Capacity. Also we supply customised requirement of Hydraulic Lift components at the shortest lead time and timely delivery of the same to Hydraulic Lift manufacturers across India.


Power Unit

The Power unit used in Kleemann Hydraulic Components Kit is the KL-T Model.



The type of motor used by KLEEMANN is in the main a three-phase, asynchronous motor, which is immersed in oil during operation ELMO Brand.


Technical characteristics of the Motor
• Supplier : ELMO
• Country of origin : ITALY
• Type : Immersed motor Sort : Asynchronous
• Operating frequency : 50 Hz, 60Hz



The valve block used by KLEEMANN in its power units is that of the German company BLAIN
EV 100 OR KV-2S



The type of pump used by KLEEMANN in its power units is a Screw Pump ie the SETTIMA.

Technical characteristics of SETTIMA Pump
Country of Origin: ITALY
Type: SM Sort: Screw pump (3 worm screws)
Field of operation Supply: from 8 to 800 L/min Pump
Output pressure: up to 80 bar